Research is a very interesting field. It’s the only path that forces me to keep learning and challenging myself. However, it is difficult and full of set backs and undesired results. Almost all the websites of the established or new researches talks only about their success stories, publication and awards. I’ve started my research career since 2014 and so far it has not been so successful but also full of opportunities and small successes. This blog is meant to record my unsuccessful attempts in academia and research. The successful attempts are published in “Publications” and “Awards”.

Rejections in 2022


ACL, Feb 2022 I restrctured the paper rejected from the WOAH workshop looked at the work from a different perspective and submitted the paper to ACL ARR september round. I got some reviews that I addressed and resubitted it in the Novemebr round. Then we got 2 new reviewers with new reviews. The paper recieved mixed scores 3.5, and 4 from older reviewers and 1.5 and 2.5 from the new reviewrs. The meta-review score was the same in the Sept nad Nov rounds which is 3.

Rejections in 2021


1 - Internship at Microsoft Research, November 2021 I applied for an internship at MS research in New York and in Montereal but again I did not hear back from them.

Paper rejection 2020


Dec 2020 My first full paper to the ECIR 2021 conference is rejected. Most of the feedback from the reviewers is reasonable and useful. I was looking forward to get similar feedback on my research to develop it and make it better. However, it is still disappointing and discouraging sometimes. I’ll work on the paper and resubmit it.